The 2024 Season is about to begin…

Spring is in the air and that means just one thing.  The cricket season is upon us….and there is much to look forward to in 2024 for Crossbats.

Through the winter a hard core of Crossbats have been netting, and the rest have been eating and drinking in order to build up their strength for the action to come.

Working tirelessly on those long winter nights Alan has secured no fewer than 61 fixtures including some particularly appealing away matches in the countryside.

Meanwhile the Crossbats digital team have begun a technology revolution* commencing with the adoption of Teamo this season to make our match selection and finance administration** easier.

And tulips are in season. “What the blazes has tulips got to do with the cricket season starting?” you may ask.  Well in June this year an intrepid band of 13 Crossbats will take Drossball to the home of tulips (or “tulpen” in the local lingo) and attempt to sample the delights of Amsterdam without anyone ending up in rehab or incarceration.

Closer to home, the big news is that English Heritage have made a considerable investment to install a brand new artificial pitch to replace the tired and worn carpet that we had grown used to.  So we can look forward to a season of firsts for the new surface…who will be first to miss a straight one?

6 months of cricket begins Saturday the 6th April at Marble Hill Park with the traditional inter-club match.  Register your availability in Teamo. You know it makes sense.

John Reardon

*This work will culminate in 2034 with AI replacing everyone and matches played in a virtual 3D world with simulations of dodgy umpiring and wild tantrums all kept in order by the Ross singularity.

**There are unsubstantiated rumours that Guy has built an API connection from Teamo to the systems of a firm of debt collectors to ensure match fees are recovered