Teamo, match availability, selection and comms

We use Teamo to manage availability, selection and match fee payment

We have rolled out Teamo to replace a lot of manual tracking and make the adminstration around match fees easier.  We need to ask for everyone’s help to better engage with Teamo and in particular indicate their availability for matches.

If you are not yet set up on Teamo, please message the committee to receive a link.


Communicating your availability:

I would like to play 

It is very important that players are proactive and confirm every week each day that they are available – clearly describing their availability/preferences in the comment option.

I would like to play either day, but not both

If you are available for either day but can only play one, mark yourself as available for both with a note against each in the comment option to say this

I am not available

Knowing that you are NOT available allows us to plan ahead.  If you are taking a break or have a holiday planned, please go into Teamo now and mark the matches in the future as “unavailable”.  Without you doing this, we will have 25-30 people showing as “unsure” – which means if we are short for a match we waste a lot of time contacting people who actually are not available.


Weekly process:

EVERY WEEK, please:

  • Confirm your availability (or non-availability) for all fixtures on each day as far ahead as you can
  • If including comments, please be as clear/precise as possible

Registration for selection cuts off at noon Wednesday,  The selection committee meets Wednesday evening and selection is confirmed on Teamo and on the Cricket Matters WhatsApp Group.

If you have any suggestions for additions that we can make, please let us know.


Match fees:

Please set up the direct debit and autopay process on Teamo (contact Guy if you are unsure how to do this)


Crossbats WhatsApp groups:

We have 2 club WhatsApp groups:

  • “Crossbats Cricket Matters” for important team and match matters, and announcing selection
  • “Crossbats General Chat” for members general discussion

If you are not in these groups, please ask to be added.

If anyone has any questions, please ask the committee.

Howto: RegisterAvailability

You can scroll through the events weeks in advance in your Calendar tab at the bottom of the app. You will also see your upcoming events on you Dashboard.

Indicate your availability using the tick or cross buttons.

  • If you are available a Green box will appear with a tick
  • If you are not available a Red box will appear with a cross

When marking yourself available or unavailable you will be prompted to enter a note – this is optional (but helpful!):

How do I change my availability status?

  • Tap on your registered response – you will then be asked if you want to change your availability

How do I reduce the number of notifications from Teamo?

Open the app and tap the round icon top left (NB this will show your photo if you have uploaded one):

Click settings (middle left of screen). This will show:

  • Make sure “Reduce Notifications” is set to on.
  • Click email preferences and set these.