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General Questions.

Our home is an English Heritage site, Marble Hill Park in Twickenham. Please see    for details.

There is good public transport giving easy access to Marble Hill Park.  And you can always cycle or walk, think of it as your warm up. If you have to drive, parking on the main road and also side roads around the ground is free from Friday evening through to Monday morning. The local car park in the park is expensive and has a time limit of about 3 hours.

* At Marble Hill we play on a artificial pitch which means that NO SPIKES are allowed.

* At Old Deer Park we play on a artificial pitch which means that NO SPIKES are allowed.

* At St George’s playing field we play on a grass pitch which means that spikes are allowed.

Please note you CAN wear spikes in the outfield at all our venues.

We play most Saturdays and Sundays from April through to October. We play 35 or and some 40 over games and occasionally we opt for timed games. We have a Last Man Stands team in the local competition which tends to be on Monday or Tuesday evenings but is fixed by the organisers. We also play midweek 20 over games starting at 6.00pm (ish).

You can make yourself available to play all the games or just play when you can.  We try to make sure everyone gets a chance to play.

At the start of the season the games on Saturday and Sunday start at 12pm or 12.30pm, then 1.00pm as we move into May – also sometimes 2pm but this is rare, check the fixture list on the site for exact times. The game finishes around 7.00pm. Mid week games start around 6.00pm and finish before 8.30pm

At this time we do not have access to any changing rooms or shower facilities, however, there are male and female toilets.

We do not have a Clubhouse but our local pub is a 2 minute walk from the ground where we have a table reserved for after the game. There is  also a cafe in the park that sells food and hot and cold drinks.

About two minutes away from where we play The Crown, 174 Richmond Rd, Twickenham TW1 2NH. Come out of Marble Hill, turn left towards Twickenham and you will find it on the left next to the mini roundabout.

Equipment and whites.

We play in white clothing and we suggest suitable footwear.

We play in white clothing and we suggest suitable footwear. Some of the team wear helmets, more from the danger of a top edge from a spinning ball, rather than hostile bowling. You play without a helmet at your own peril. You must provide your own box please! If needed you can borrow a bat and pads from one of the team. For your own comfort you might want to bring a folding chair.


UPDATE 17/3/2020 : Tiffin CLOSED – so no nets until further notice. Summer nets are still on starting April.

Nets are at Tiffin school Kingston each Sunday 11 – 12 am from the 12th of January through to the 29th of March. However, there 3 Sundays we can’t play due to tournaments. They are February 9th, 16th and March 8th. So don’t turn up on those Sundays! Nets are £5 each. There is parking at the school. EVERYONE is welcome. Just turn up even if you have not played for the club before.

Tiffin is located on Queen Elizabeth Road, with the main pedestrian entrance on its junction with Birkenhead Avenue. We are a short walk from Kingston Town Centre and within easy reach of various public transport stops

All welcome to attend.

Outdoor nets are at Marble Hill from 18 hrs -20 hrs  through April -October on a Friday. These are paid for by the club so no charge. The nets are next to the tennis courts. All welcome.

Tea and drinks.

Since Covid we have stopped providing teas and even drinks.  Please bring your own refreshments, especially water.  There are drinks available from he cafe etc.


Hopefully we will return to tradition when during the game we will supply a drinks break and we have tea between the innings with ample food. We consider vegetarians and other known dietary requirements. A general important point we cannot guarantee our teas etc are ‘free from’ allergens.

This depends on the day and specific requirements but generally the cost for a visiting team is between £40 and £55 paid at the end of the game and for Crossbats C.C. players the cost of the tea is included in the match fee.


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