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Welcome to Crossbats Cricket Club

We play for fun but compete to win!

We play at Marble Hill in St Margarets near Twickenham. Sign up for season 2022 if you want to play.

Our first game is April 2nd. Yes I know, we are keen!

Get in touch and sign up here.

Tours and trips away.

In 2019 we toured to Montenegro. We are planning on touring in the south of France for 2022.

In brief.

We play Saturdays and Sundays 35 or 40 overs, sometimes time games and we also have a team that plays T20 midweek cricket. Usually a 6.00pm start at Marble Hill.  We also have an LMS team.

A bit more about us then.

We play a special brand of cricket, normally limited overs of 35, sometimes, if we reallly feel energetic, or spot the opposition are weak we go for 40 overs. On some rare occasions we play “timed” games. Some of our players have played “league” cricket, this is the serious stuff, where you wake at dawn and return at dusk after 100 overs. League cricketers also warm up before a game with a few circuits around the park.

This is not us.

In a nutshell we try and start the game around 1pm and make sure we are done and having much needed refreshments by 7.00 pm

We have a passion for oversees Tours and in September 2022 we will again go overseas.

We are looking for new players for the 2022 season. Fancy a game?

We play each Saturday, friendly * competitive cricket. It’s £10 a game, which is a bargain. You pay less if a student or some other valid excuse.

If you need to borrow some kit that is OK but we don’t share our jockstraps or boxes.

Young or old, all welcome. Not played since school? No problem! Get in touch and sign up here.

Along with the promise to loose weight here are a few others made by some of the team……

SIR DAVID: “I am never touring again.”  (spoken shortly before the France and Portugal tours)
THE ENTIRE TEAM: “I’m not drinking this Friday – we’ve got a big game on the weekend.”
RAGS: “I’m going to concentrate on my batting.”
TM: “No, I went out to buy some CDs.” (every tour)
MUPES: “I am not drinking any stupid drinks tonight.”
MAL: “I am happy now – nothing can get me down.”
STROPPY: “I don’t eat tea” (Spoken when the team had to take it in turns to make it)
AMAN: I’m more of a batsman. (As a contender for the bowing trophy.)

And there are many more…

Crossbats play “friendly” games with a fixture list built up over the last 15-20 years.

So if you are young or old and want to play social cricket and perhaps have not played cricket since school we want you! Just fill in the sign up form and we will be in touch.

Nothing in club cricket is as controversial as the LBW law. Some would say pub cricket has a different set of laws depending on the circumstance. Disgruntled lower order batsmen are infamous for raising the finger thus insuring a bat later on in the innings. Sadly, if you are a good umpire you will face serious heckling. One feels there is an unwritten law. Back foot, ankle height, middle stump is OUT and only if it’s not the first ball.


* There was a punch up once, but that was many years ago and it wasn’t our fault!

Below a few pictures and a video to give you an idea about the club!