Nickname: Wossy, The Banker, el Banquero

Enjoys: Batting, bowling, being charitable

Dislikes: Batting, bowling, fielding, being charitable

Best Skill: Diplomacy; the straight drive

Best Team Talk: Those on field hugs

Weakness: Turning around, general relaxed attitude to life and   umpiring

Biggest fear: Forgetting to put his trousers on

Funniest Moment: Getting (almost*) lapped by Craig running a 2

Prized possession: His 1980s loafers

Favourite Drink: Lebanese Vin rouge

Best Moment: Running a marathon as a sprint (and the all bowled   hattrick)

Quote: “Because it’s not f***ing out as I just f***ing said”

* Prevented by a judicious threat of a painful death if overtaken