Crossbats all over West London are slowly awakening from winter hibernation, casting their minds back to when ability was more abundant than enthusiasm and to a time when cricket whites didn’t shrink during the dark months. These thoughts quickly evaporate however when the mind wanders to the sound of leather hitting willow (are stumps made of willow?) in the warm summer sunshine, and post match beers with friends new and old. Yes. Cricket is back and it’s going to be better than ever.

As your fixture secretary is busy with the annual renewal of rivalries and friendly competition we invite you to check out the website and bear in mind a few things:

  1. Shirts – order one, we don’t charge a membership so a few quid for a nice shirt isn’t a big ask
  2. We play competitive T20 in LMS every week – ask Mark for details
  3. We welcome new and returning players – if you want to join just ask!

Winter nets still for the next couple of weeks (until mid-march) at the Tiffin school before we transfer to Marble Hill Park for outdoor after the time changes.