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  1. UPDATE 17/3/2020 : Tiffin CLOSED. No nets
  2. The mid week T20 shirts are on order.
  3. Crossbats vs Interclub Game (April 4, 2020 – 12:00 PM)

Oporto 2020

Oporto Tour 2020 

Thursday 10th Sept – Return Monday 14th Sept

We need a definite response from people by February 29th.  Please read and respond quickly if you want to come and if you are over fussy about who you share with.

A 4 day tour in Oporto (Portugal). 2 cricket games and a club dinner.  There will be opportunities to sight see in the town, visit the port cellars, take a boat trip and more.

It will be a triangular competition similar to the arrangements last year in Montenegro. We will play on the Friday and then at least one more game on either the Saturday or the Sunday.

We will be staying at the club so no transport needed for games etc.

There is a dress code so please bring a tie.

Accommodation B&B Thursday till Monday will cost between €110 to €240 per person

4 nights with 4 sharing (4 beds)                                            €110

4 nights with 3 sharing (3 beds)                                            €120

4 nights with 2 sharing (2 beds)                                            €140

4 nights with Balcony 2 sharing (2 beds)                            €150

4 nights single occupancy                                                     €240

There are limits on rooms so depending on the numbers coming we may be able to offer one or two rooms for single occupancy.  At least 2 rooms will need to be shared by at least 3 people.

Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  (Maximum 16 places)

There are cheapish hotels nearby for those who wish to go it alone.

Return flights are around £230 but if we book early we should be able to get this done.

Some people have said they will be going out early or staying late and will book independent flights.  A group discount might not, therefore, be possible.

People choosing to go early or stay later will need to find their own accommodation outside of Thurs-Monday.

Interested? Email: