Early History of the Club - We  believe Cricket has been played on Moor Mead since 1890....

1940 ? Two playing wickets and around the war time. The keeper was lost in combat....if you know more let us know...

1965 Games played on Moor Mead with the local pub being the St Margaret's Hotel. The team as far as we know was called the St Margaret's Cricket Team - if you know more get in touch

1982 Crossbats Cricket Club was founded by Nigel Holman and Chris Lloyd, playing its first fixtures on Old Deer Park in Richmond.

1983 A regular fixture list was established mainly playing on Sundays.

1984 A second team was founded.

1985 A year of further commitment and work to building the club, upgrading fixtures and obtaining sponsorship for next phase. The club won a minor knock-out cup competition at St.George's.

1986 The club moved to Moor Mead with grants and loans from the Sports Council. The first regular Saturday side was established. A number of sides entered teams for eight-a-side indoor competitions.

1987 Under new chairman David Lausen, two Saturday sides were now established, in addition to the two Sunday sides, and a Women's team was founded. Two mixed sides won trophies in indoor competitions (one winners, one runners-up). The six-a-side competition was started as part of the St. Margaret's Fair.

1988 A team selected from the best of the club's four teams was entered in a Richmond Borough knock-out competition and Crossbats were runners-up to Lensbury Club.

1989 Crossbats selected by the Mayor of Richmond to take part in a fundraising/awareness raising campaign of best of "Sport for All" in Richmond Borough. Crossbats won a celebrity match against the Mayor of Richmond's team.

1991 Saturday Seconds played every fixture during the season and remained undefeated.

1998 Crossbats Saturday Seconds won an Inter Club competition at the Fuller's Brewery in Chiswick.

2004 Move to our new home in Kingston at The Hawker Centre

2005 Saturday 1st and 2nd move to Hampton Wick and form part of Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club 3rd and 4th Eleven

2007 Saturday 1st finally retire!

2012 - Present We move to play our home games at Marble Hill